Can you identify a car from a family photograph?

The Museum does receive a number of enquiries regarding identification of cars in family photographs. We do our best to identify these vehicles for you, but we cannot guarantee a definitive answer. Many historic cars have very similar or identical features, or the body may have been manufactured by a local body or coach builder to order and thus be impossible to idenitfy alongside factory produced vehicles. Often photographs were taken with people obscuring identifying marks and this can make the process more difficult. 

If you are in a position to choose from a number of photographs, we prefer those with a front-on or 3/4 front-on view as generally the radiator and badge helps significantly in identifying the vehicle make and model. We also look for things such as the number of flutes in a bonnet or the number of studs on the wheel, all of which can be an indicator as to a marque of vehicle.

However, if you are not in this position, we will endeavour to identify any car from any photo. Please note a response may take some time depending on current workloads. Please email the Museum at  Don't forget to include a photograph in jpeg format at 1MB file size.

You may also like to use the website provided by the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society which offers a crowdsourcing style to identify vintage vehicles.