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Phone: 08 8568 4000
Fax: 08 8568 5195
Post: The National Motor Museum, Shannon Street, Birdwood, SA, 5234

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For media enquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact Kristy Rebbeck, Marketing, Communications & Partnerships Manager on 8203 9869.

Matthew Lombard

Matthew is a Curator at the National Motor Museum, where he works with the curatorial staff and volunteers to preserve and share Australia’s rich motoring history. Matthew works in collection management which includes the George Brooks Library and Learning Centre.  Read more about Matthew Lombard >

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Mick Bolognese

Mick is a curator at the National Motor Museum, where he works on exhibitions, public programs and research on Australian motoring history. Mick also writes a blog, Reverse Gear, for the museum’s website. Read more about Mick Bolognese >

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Paul Rees

Paul is Director of the National Motor Museum. He is focussed on the strategic direction of the Museum and manages Museum staff, volunteers, collections and public programs.  Read more about Paul Rees >

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Pauline Renner

Pauline is the Event Coordinator at the National Motor Museum. Pauline coordinates two major events – the annual Rock & Roll Rendezvous in April and the finish of the iconic Bay to Birdwood Run & Classic, held annually on the last Sunday in September. Read more about Pauline Renner >

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Sue Wheeler

Sue manages the Museum's finances and administrative services, and coordinates the Museum Officers team. She is responsible for the management of the gift shop which features a large and varied range of motoring and travel related items available for sale. Read more about Sue Wheeler >
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